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Yarn is an independent production company that excels at character based storytelling, working across film, television, advertising and digital.

Video advertising strategy and production

We communicate your unique brand experience by harnessing the power of storytelling.

At Yarn, we believe that the most effective video advertising tells a story that takes people on a journey with your brand. When new clients visit your website, they want to know more than just what you do, they want to know why you do it. What makes you special in your industry? What do you do differently? Why should a new customer choose you? 

At Yarn, we craft your full brand experience into an engaging and memorable story. We pull back the curtains on your business and tell the stories that only your most longstanding customers and clients would know. Our advertising allows you and your brand to step off the webpage and into people's living rooms and workplaces, connecting with customers and clients so effectively that they'll feel like they've met you in person. Creating this emotional connection with new customers on your website is key to your success in a crowded online marketplace.

Getting to know our clients and creating engaging video content that we're proud of is what we love to do at Yarn. It doesn't matter if you're big or small, new or old. If you do good work with passion, your organisation will have plenty of stories waiting to be told. 

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Yarn has worked creatively and successfully across healthcare, higher education, disability, wellness and retail. A recent highlight is IN THE MAKING, a documentary-style series commissioned by the Victorian College of the Arts. This series follows the individual stories of recent graduates in the fields of Art, Theatre, Screenwriting, Film and Community Cultural Development.
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We'd love to talk about what your business is looking for in storytelling, video content or advertising.
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Film and television

Yarn loves to create character-driven content, with a current focus on documentary television. Yarn's documentary, STINGRAY SISTERS, was released in 2016. This documentary tells the complex story of one of the most extraordinary families in Australia. Along with this project, Yarn has two one-offs and one series for television in development, due for release in 2017.