'In The Making' launches - our online campaign for Victorian College of the Arts

Katrina and I are so pleased to share 'In The Making', our eight-part campaign for the Victorian College of the Arts, here in Melbourne. See below for the 60 second trailer for the series.

We've had a brilliant time over the last few months getting to know our seven alumni and the Director of the VCA, Su Baker. It's been a real thrill to talk about art and creativity and then to shape those conversations into eight distinct videos. We're so proud of the final result.

Thank you again to Paula Binnie, Ted Wilson, Tobias Manderson-Galvin, Corrie Chen, Fred Fowler, Maggie Miles, Chris Parkinson and Su Baker, plus the two academics we spoke with, Ben Michael and Raimondo Cortese. Spending time with our subjects is crucial to these docos, so we really appreciated the openness and honesty of all of you and the time you gave us. The interviews were so interesting that it's kind of a shame that the videos are only three minutes long!

To see the eight completed videos, head to the 'Work' tab above, or visit the campaign website: www.inthemaking.com.au

Another big thank you to our wonderful crew on this project:

DOPs - Nik Lachajczak and Conan Fitzpatrick
Editors - Maria Papoutsis, Greg Cooper and Rohan Cooper
Composer: Rob Law
Sound editor: Tfer Newsome
Colourist: Kali Bateman

We hope you enjoy the videos - we loved making them.

Some more stills from the shoot below...

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