Working with VicHealth on the Citizens' Jury on Obesity

A Citizens' Jury is essentially what it sounds like - a sample group of adults are brought together, briefed in detail on a particular issue and asked to discuss ways of solving a problem. Citizens' Juries are fast becoming a popular way to involve the community in issues that effect everyone. 

VicHealth are the latest organisation to try this strategy, coordinating a Citizens' Jury on the topic of Obesity. The questions for the jury is: how can we make it easier for Victorians to eat better.

Our brief from event production company Wildwon was to introduce three of these jury members to audiences, and share their thoughts on the process and what it means to them. Over the last few weeks we've come to know Greg, Carolyn and Ashley who come at the issue from quite different perspectives. They all have a lot to offer to this process and today we're sharing the first installment in this three-part series.

Watch part one of Ashley's video below

Bridget O'SheaComment