In The Making CAMPAIGN - Victorian College of the Arts (2015)

Kat and I are so pleased to be working with The Victorian College of the Arts again to continue our artists series from 2014, In The Making. This series follows a number of VCA Graduate Alumni as they move into their artistic practice outside of university.

We shot the 2015 installment of the series over winter, profiling Alice Darling, a theatre director, and Darren Vizer, a former dancer and choreographer. We had a great time getting to know Alice & Darren and you can find their videos below. A big thanks to Darren and Alice for having us along and also to our clients Kate Mulqueen and Susan Bird from VCA External Relations.

- Bridget O'Shea | Producer, Yarn

"For me, the decision to become a director and choreographer, I had no choice. There was no choice. That was the reason I went back to the Arts." - Darren Vizer, Choreographer and Director of Devize Co

"There is this point where you have to just give the show over to your actors and your audience...and just watch." - Alice Darling, Theatre Director

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