University of Melbourne scholarships story

Katrina and I have been working on a project for the last few months with the Advancement team at University of Melbourne. The University has an excellent scholarships program, awarding hundreds of scholarships each year, and our brief was to capture the stories of three of these students. 

We shot this video 'Educating Tomorrow's Leaders' over August and September here in Melbourne and it was a real delight getting to know Catherine, Najib and Celeste. They are fantastic, hard working students who are truly making the most of the scholarships they've been awarded. You can take a look at the video below or head to the University of Melbourne Believe campaign website:

It's been fantastic working on this campaign with our University of Melbourne clients Corrina Langelaan and Emma Brimfield-Walsh, so a big thank you to the team in Advancement.

- Bridget O'Shea | Producer, Yarn

"Coming here at a young age and not being able to speak, read or write was hard. I worked harder than most of the other students." Najib Hashimi, University of Melbourne student and scholarship awardee

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