Coastal Climate Adaptation Project - Bellarine Peninsula

Filming is underway on our latest project with the City of Greater Geelong. We are documenting the construction of a very innovative project - an Artificial Reef off the coast of Portarlington, Victoria. Designed to mitigate tidal events, the approximately 100 metre long Artificial Reef will be constructed from steel cages filled with organic matter: scallop shells recycled from local restaurants. Work has commenced on the steel cages and several tonnes of scallop shells are being turned intermittently in a sunny paddock in St Leonards, waiting to be packed into the cages. It's anticipated that the reef will be 'greened' in order to offer a complementary benefit to the local ecosystem and encourage sea life to infiltrate the structures.

The deployment of the reef will take about two days and will occur later in 2017. We are looking forward to capturing underwater images and aerials of this very exciting event.

- Bridget O'Shea | Producer, Yarn

Bridget O'Shea