Working with DELWP on the Geelong Citizens' Jury

We were really pleased to welcome the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) as a new client a few months ago. We’ve been working with DELWP on the Geelong Citizens' Jury, which took place across three weekends in October and November. This is the second Citizens' Jury project for Yarn, the first being VicHealth's Victorian Citizens' Jury on Obesity in 2015. 

For this Citizens' Jury we produced a series of short vignettes on three jury members as they moved through the jury process. Our jury members Meryl, Antonia and Tim were an absolute delight to work with, as were our clients at DELWP - Lou Curry, Kim Sullivan and Salyana Williams. It was great to again work alongside Iain Walker and Kyle Redman of newDemocracy foundation as well as working with the facilitators, MosaicLab: Nicole Hunter, Keith Greaves, Kimbra White and Jane Lovejoy.

The background to this Jury is as follows: Following the dismissal of the Greater Geelong City Council in April 2016, the Victorian government committed to consult the Greater Geelong community about the structure of its future elected council.  A citizens' jury of 100 randomly selected but representative Geelong residents considered the question: Our council was dismissed. How do we want to be democratically represented by a future council?