installation of the Portarlington artificial reef

We have been busy this month continuing production of our series featuring the Artificial Reef Project off the coast of Portarlington, Victoria. Working alongside The City of Greater Geelong and the National Centre for Coasts and Climate (NCCC), we’ve been capturing the awe-inspiring journey of manufacturers, researchers, community members and labourers to position 100+ steel cages along the bay floor. 

Filled with organic matter such as scallop and mussel shells sourced from the local area, the cages will act as a protector to what before was an increasingly deteriorating coastline. Our team has captured this battle against coastal climate change from sea and sky, using drones and underwater photography to document this innovative project. We can’t wait to move this project into post production and begin finalising the series.

It’s such a pleasure to be working alongside environmentally conscious and proactive organisations and people. In particular, we’d like to thank NCCC’s Stephen Swearer and Rebecca Morris, as well as Ralph Roob of the City of Greater Geelong. 


Bree WildComment